From the Headmaster's Desk - 5 June 2024

Jul 05, 2024 / Hajira Dladla / College / Newsletters

Welcome back to the second half of Term 2. I trust you enjoyed the time with your sons and daughters and were able to get some quality time with them. I know they were frazzled at the end of the examination session and really did need some downtime with you. This past week was also an important time in your sons’ and daughters’ educational journey as they would have received most of their examination papers back, to work through and see where they went wrong. Learning from mistakes in examinations is key to the learning process.

My hope is that they have used this time wisely. For some, getting marks back is a very satisfying moment, for others, this is an extremely anxious time as their efforts are not always reflected in their marks. As always let’s continue to support where necessary, build where needed, and praise where it is deserved. Today also marks a significant day in our calendar as we celebrate our founders with the annual Founders’ Day service. This is a time to reflect on the remarkable journey of our institution and a moment to honour the vision and dedication of those who laid its foundation.

Our founders envisioned a place where students could thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Their commitment to providing...

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