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The ’78’ – Matric 2016 Results are Out


Woodridge College and Preparatory School is delighted to announce a completely successful run of academic results for the 78-strong Matric class of 2016.

We continue to record a 100% pass rate from our 78 Matriculants and our exceptional academic staff have, as always, provided a superb platform for our pupils to achieve to the very highest academic level

Of particular note, four of our pupils have earned straight A’s and we offer our sincere congratulations to Carl Arndt, Gabriella Zwarts, Nicola Hayward and David Spanjaard all of whom received the highest accolade of a full-house of 7 A-symbols this year. 

Further to this Nicola Hayward earned 85% for AP Maths. 

In total our Matric class of 2016 produced 96 A-symbols collectively which is tremendous. 

22 A’s were achieved in Maths Literacy, 19 in Life Orientation, 9 in Core Maths, 7 in English and 7 in Afrikaans. 

All credit goes to both the top-drawer academic staff of Woodridge College and the Matric class of 2016. Together, the exceptional potential of these boys and girls has been harnessed, realised and brought to fruition. 

Together we now look forward to following the progress of these 78 new graduates as they embark upon an exciting future

As Headmaster, I stand before the parents and families of all 78 and offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all our staff who have worked tirelessly every single day to provide the academic framework upon which this success is founded. 

Well done Woodridge staff and to the Woodridge College Matric Class of 2016. 

Simon Crane
Woodridge College and Preparatory School

David Spanjaard

Carl Arndt

Nicola Hayward

Gabby Zwarts (with Carl Arndt)

A word from the headmaster

“We have an exceptional school here at Woodridge and from Grade 000 right through to Grade 12 you will find an impeccable foundation of care, of tolerance, of acceptance. At Woodridge we recognize that you love your child. We will care deeply about your son and your daughter and we will partner with you to encourage and build the right-thinking young men and women that our country needs for tomorrow. As you browse our website you will find these threads connecting all aspects of our school.”

Woodridgean 2016

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Woodridge College turns 50


Dear Parents and visitors to our Woodridge website.

Please be aware that we are thrilled that Woodridge College is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. We are planning a host of activities and events during the year ahead to mark, record and celebrate this achievement.

At Woodridge College we have been providing a sound education for fifty years on this very campus. Our central focus encompasses academic success at its heart. We offer an academic environment that is second to none. Further to this we enhance our pupils’ experience and growth through our sound sporting programme, broad cultural engagement and we balance all of this with a dynamic outdoor educational component that ensures we draw the very best out of each and every pupil at our school. Everything is rooted in our Christian principles and we have been providing all this since 1966.

You will notice our new logo on this website and this represents the 50 years of Woodridge College. We are privileged to be able to celebrate this milestone and we are proud to share it with you.

Simon Crane,

Our School



Within this beautiful environment, our children are free to experience learning through play and discovery. Teachers make full use of their indoor, as well as outdoor, natural classroom, guiding the children in their development of fine and gross motor skills, early literacy and numeracy.


At Woodridge we strive to help each and every pupil achieve their potential and in doing so, produce caring, confident individuals who will be able to make a positive contribution to society. School must be a rewarding and fun experience.  At Woodridge we want our children to be open-minded, free and creative thinkers.


The College incorporates Grades 8 – 12, with the culmination for the pupils being the writing of the National Senior Certificate examination. Academic pursuits remain the primary focus of College activities. We write the Independent Examinations Board (“IEB”) matric examinations. Pupils are in the hands of skilled professionals.




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