Dating back to humble beginnings in 1958, the Woodridge Alumni association is rooted in our history and culture.

Officially inaugurated as the Old Woodridgean Association in June 1970 under the Chairmanship of Ronnie Paxton, the
College was now well established and welcoming pupils to complete all their schooling at Woodridge. This inspired
loyalty among the alumni and more modern communication, facilitating good contact growth for the OWA.

Today, the OWA provides a platform for you to reconnect with your former classmates and remain connected to
Woodridge life while also helping to improve and maintain the school for future generations.


With a culture of continuous improvement and solid commitment to fundraising and promotional activities to grow pupil numbers, the OWA raises funds through events.

Considering COVID-19 and all related regulations, the OWA also gets involved with ongoing school maintenance and enhancement projects. To date, their most successful fundraising initiative has been the Premier 500 Club, where members stand a chance of winning several cash prizes throughout the year.


To keep you posted on developments, relevant news and upcoming events, or to help you reconnect with your former
classmates and remain connected to Woodridge life, we need to know how to get hold of you. 

Register or update your details here: 

register/update details

You are also welcome to email us with your name, year in and out of Woodridge, and your current email address. Send it to natasha.reid@woodridge.co.za   

You may also contact Natasha Reid for any other OWA-related enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

the old woodridgean association