Boarding forms an integral part of the Woodridge experience and places in each residence are constantly in demand. In the College, there are 4 residences, 2 for girls (Founders Residence and Carter Residence) and 2 catering for boys (Kohler Residence and Starck Residence).

While each residence maintains its own unique ethos and idiosyncrasies, there is consistency in how the House Parents and duty staff applying the basic rules and regulations and all boarders are constantly monitored, mentored and guided. These young adults come from the Eastern Cape, other South African provinces as well as from other countries all over the world and this diversity is celebrated.

All staff involved with the boarders aim to uphold the following:

  • To provide a safe and comfortable environment in which individuals may flourish, be afforded adequate privacy to be free from intimidation and discrimination and where healthy diversity is encouraged. This leads to a healthy community, based on mutual respect and an inclusive sense of belonging.
  • To provide ample opportunities for physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social development and to promote the concept of balance.
  • To encourage initiative and the development of leadership skills, based always on an understanding of the responsibilities which accompany privilege and the need to serve. This is achieved by encouraging self-discipline, independence, the development of confidence and a real sense of self–worth.
  • To support and encourage open and honest communication between pupil and staff.
  • Finally, but most importantly, to encourage parents to be close partners in the holistic education of their children and to provide adequate opportunities which allow for this.

At the Preparatory School we offer boarding for boys and girls from Grade 1 – 7. The Grade 1 – 4 boys and girls are catered for in a separate co-ed boarding school residence on campus. Our focus is to make the boarding establishment a ‘home away from home’. The boys’ and girls’ residences are separate and run by House Parents. The resident staff and interns assist the House Parents with duties and prep sessions. The boarding is termly, however, children may go out on weekends with the permission of their parents.

Activities such as outings to the beach, movies, game parks and shopping centres are arranged for those staying in over weekends. On Sundays all the children attend Sunday school. There is a Sanatorium with qualified nursing sisters on duty to attend to medical needs of the children. Transport is arranged to and from the airport and bus stops at the end and start of the mid-term breaks and school terms.

Foreign pupils interested in boarding at Woodridge must, in accordance with the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002), supply the school with a valid study permit, issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs, prior to the commencement of attendance.