Trevor von Berg<br>Headmaster

Trevor von Berg

Headmaster of Prep walks the plank

At Woodridge Preparatory we strive to help each and every pupil achieve their potential and in doing so produce caring, confident individuals who will be able to make a positive contribution to society. School must be a rewarding and fun experience. We believe it is our role to lay the foundations, particularly reading, writing, and arithmetic but, more importantly, to create a mindset for life-long learning in a healthy environment. We want our children to be open-minded, free and creative thinkers, which is encouraged through holistic education practices.

Children learn as much, if not more, outside the classroom, as inside; thus a huge emphasis is placed on extramural and outdoor education activities. The aim of our sports programme is to create a love for all sports and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor education creates an awareness of the environment and many of the activities are of the sort that builds character traits such as determination, perseverance and self-belief. Culturally, our pupils are exposed to and encouraged to participate and explore music, arts, speech and drama activities. Children learn from experiences which is why, as a school, we strive to create these opportunities through the provision of experiential learning.

Preparatory Booklet  Foundation Phase Booklet 

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Please take a moment to listen to the Headmaster of the Preparatory School, Trevor von Berg, as he explains the educational philosophy of the school and gives an overview of the outdoor facilities and open spaces where children can be children.