Woodridge offers its Pre-primary, Preparatory and College pupils’ access to facilities that are specifically designed to provide a healthy environment, fostering cognitive, emotional and physical development. However, teaching and learning doesn't only happen in the classroom.

Our outdoor facilities are also used to provide the learners with an experiential learning experience, while cross-curricular linking with the great outdoors is practised in a wide variety of learning areas.

Outdoor education and adventure is an important pillar of the educational philosophy of Woodridge, and whenever appropriate, the 365 acre campus is used for practical learning. The extra mural timetable also incorporates the teaching of adventure skills, which are often mentally and physically challenging, allowing pupils to broaden their experience and promote resourcefulness, teamwork, leadership skills and self-reliance.

Without wavering from our vision, mission and core values, we are committed to guiding those placed under our care and to develop them holistically. Although we much prefer to praise and highlight the positives, we remain true to ourselves and uphold firm but loving boundaries, which are essential for children to feel safe and protected.


While pupils learn the importance of social and emotional learning, we subtly reinforce them by pointing out the value of these priceless life skills. Together with character development, they should form the basis of everything children do at school, in and outside the classroom. 

We place a high value on the well-being of our pupils and prioritise ways in which we can support them throughout their school career, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually.

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The 477 m², 420-seater dining hall with its contemporary design, can easily be adapted to suit a 5-star hotel and transformed into a suitable venue for weddings and functions. It boasts beautiful sunrise views and an iconic arched window, mimicking the adjacent Van Stadens bridge.

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School Shop

The school shop is a one-stop-shop where pupils and parents can pick up uniforms (new or pre-owned), stationery, camping equipment, accessories, sports equipment and much more. It is conveniently situated in close proximity to the Accounts department and in the centre of campus, making it accessible to all.

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Community Involvement

The support from the surrounding community was unwavering following the devastation caused by a fire at the school in 2017. Only 3 years later, the world entered into unfamiliar territory with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. These challenges and the inherent economic strain it still induces on so many households is all the more reason for us to reciprocate whenever an opportunity presents itself for us to support our surrounding community and those who are less fortunate. Our College Interact Club is alive and well and goes to great lengths to initiate various outreach programmes. The Prep school also has a long-standing community outreach programme with a different theme every month of the year. Various charities have benefitted from collections and similar initiatives.

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Leadership Development

At Woodridge we aim to develop pupils to become leaders at the school and beyond. The school uses the Prefect system where a Head Boy and Girl are elected each year together with a Prefect team. Over and above the Prefect system, pupils could become leaders in the various hostels (dorm seniors) or fulfil certain roles to help with the effective running of the school. Committees include Outdoor Education, Interact and the School Ambassadors, while duties can also be assumed in the dining hall and on grade camps.

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