From as young as 2 years old your children are free to experience learning through play and discovery within our beautiful environment.

We make full use of our unique surroundings, incorporating the natural classroom into our daily routine, guiding your children in their social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, creative and emotional development within a healthy environment. We realise the importance of this phase of your child’s development as it prepares them for Grade 1. 

Against a backdrop of fauna and flora unique to Woodridge, the children learn to nurture their surroundings, all living things and each other. This exciting natural backdrop becomes a canvas for future sporting activities, art, drama and self-discovery through play.

With an emphasis on the importance of a healthy learning environment, we encourage physical and cultural skills by incorporating two extramural activities, namely Monkeynastix and Kindermusiek, into our school fees.  

We also have various other extramural activities (not included in the fees) offered at the school, including Ballet, Judo, Sandula Kids, Horse-riding, Swimming, Golf and Tennis.



Grade 0000 (2-3 years)

Our Mini Weavers class is a warm and loving environment, where our youngest pupils are encouraged to learn and explore their world through play and age-appropriate structured activities. This is their first introduction to schooling; much of their day is spent socialising and learning basic daily routines. Our teacher follows a thematic approach, where pupils learn content that expands their vocabulary and general knowledge.


Grade 000 (3-4 years)

Our little ones must experience a positive learning environment to feel comfortable, safe and at home. Our Weavers class is guided by a loving and caring teacher who only wants the best for her little ones. Here they are exposed to various activities, helping and guiding them through the many challenges our youngest pupils face.


Grade 00 (4-5 years)

We realise that each child is unique, and so are their learning methods, which is why experiential learning is so important to us. Our daily schedule is filled with various activities, such as theme discussions, creative art time, fine and gross motor activities, music rings, educational games and free play. Our environment encourages the development of each child, helping and guiding them along the way.


Grade R (5-6 years)

With Grade R, comes great responsibility. It is during this year that we lay the foundation for years to come. Here we focus on reading, writing, mathematics and teaching children real-life skills they will need to become independent and confident little individuals.