The number of pupils at Woodridge has grown significantly in recent times and it has become very difficult to manage the needs of the various aqua activities in the College and the Prep. The Aquatic and Fitness Centre will provide the extra space needed to ensure that our current Woodridgeans have sufficient training time in the water. The current gym, while well-equipped, is very cramped. By positioning the gym adjacent to the aquatic centre, will enable a more holistic training experience as well as the provision of a rigorous rehabilitation service to our pupils. The facility will also provide a much-needed viewing facility on Monaghan field.

Sole or Joint Naming Rights Walk of Fame


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Allegiance Gallery Aquatic Mural

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Buy A Lane or Buy Them All Swimming Caps

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Swimming 4 Safety

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The loss of the Woodpecker in the fire of 2017 is felt keenly by generations of Old Woodridgeans. This project will bring back a place to share a drink, laugh and make memories – a space to be enjoyed by past pupils, parents and friends of the school. The project will provide a replacement Woodpecker pub, along with boardroom facilities as well as a museum and archives. It certainly will enhance the Noël Westcott Grandstand and give us something to be justly proud of.

Roger Carter Club House Naming Rights The Woodpecker Naming Rights


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Roger Carter Club House Plaque Noël Westcott Grandstand Plaque 

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Wall of Fame Cozy Corner


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Beer Mugs


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Estelle de Wet, better known as Juffrou de Wet, taught at Woodridge College for 34 years.
She was known for her kind spirit and passion for school sports. Juffrou de Wet sadly passed away in 2017,
after which this fund was established to continue to assist and support the sportsmen & sportswomen of Woodridge.

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find the fideliter

We have divided the pool into 1000 blocks and hidden the Fideliter and other exciting prizes behind some of the blocks. Prizes include:

  • R100 000 travel voucher
  • R50 000 cash
  • R25 000 cash
  • R1000 money back (limited to 25)
  • One night for two at Thunzi Stargazing Dome
  • Two nights at Kariega Game Reserve
  • Woodridge branded vellies
  • Dinner for four at Remo's Italian Restuarant 
  • A case of Schalk Burger wine

Once all the blocks are sold, we will reveal behind which numbers we hid the above prizes. Don't miss out!

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*Section 18A Tax Certificate does not apply to this project.


The Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization (NPC) in terms of the Companies Act, is a separate legal entity from the School, and has Woodridge College and Preparatory School as its sole beneficiary. It also has Public Benefits Organisation (PBO) status and as such is authorized to issue Section 18 A tax certificates to qualifying donors.

This Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of independent alumni and ex officio representatives of the Woodridge Trust and the Old Woodridgean Association.

Woodridge Preparatory School was founded in 1936, making it fitting that the fundraising target is R36 million by 2036, which will coincide with the centenary celebrations of the school.



Making Woodridge accessible

We want to ensure that a Woodridge education is accessible to all deserving pupils. To achieve this financial and social support to those who would ordinarily find Woodridge “out of reach” is not only a desire, but an obligation. It’s essential that the privilege of attending Woodridge remains “within reach” to all. The Foundation will have the raising of funds to achieve this as a key focus area.



Woodridge has recovered well since a fire devastated the campus in 2017. The school was rebuilt with purpose and provided us with modern and sustainable infrastructure. However, we must move with the times, and that entails constant refinements to current infrastructure and where necessary the provision of further infrastructure to ensure we are future ready. Projects will be identified on an ongoing basis and requisite funding outside the traditional scope of tuition fees will be sought by the Foundation.  



The Woodridge staff complement is the core of the institution, and it is paramount that the school attracts, develops and retains quality teachers and support staff. Woodridge is committed to produce innovative problem solvers who can lead with purpose in all spheres of life. Our staff hold the key to their development, and therefore further upskilling and expanding their knowledge via staff development interventions will provide for personal growth and increase the school's all-round educational capabilities. To ensure these interventions are in-depth and meaningful, funding outside the school's current income stream will be necessary and made possible through the efforts of the Foundation.



The range of physical pursuits available at Woodridge has always been an attractive aspect of the school. Beyond traditional sporting codes, we pride ourselves in offering outdoor experiential learning opportunities that set us apart. These character building learnings challenge our pupils and are key in developing self reliance and team skills that ultimately promote self-confidence and personal growth. For many current and past pupils, they define what it means to be a Woodridgean. We intend to take this to greater heights by making the “experience” even more meaningful through an extensive outdoor education programme, which will focus on producing pupils who are innovative problem-solvers and who have a strong sense of character.

The Board of Directors are as follows:

Sonwabo Zide Andrea Puggia Chulumanco Kate Glen Mukheibir Grant Puttergill Loyiso Jiya Paul Lynch Trenwyth Pledger
Class of 1999
Head of Kohler Residence
Chief Operating Officer at HSBC
Class of 1980
Head of Kohler Residence
Chairman of the Woodridge Trust
Director of PwC South Africa

Class of 2019
Captain of Debating Team

Founder & Director of The Virtual Desk
Class of 1978
Head of Carter Residence
Executive Financial Planner at Old Mutual
Class of 1996
Head of Founders Residence
OWA Chairman
Puttergill Farming
Class of 1986
 Chairman of Bannow Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Class of 1979
Co-owner of Standard Wool
Class of 1995
Head of Matopos Residence
Owner of Thunzi
Bush Lodge


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