Trevor von Berg<br>Headmaster

Trevor von Berg

This is a vitally important phase in the development of a child as it prepares them for Grade 1. Within this beautiful environment, our children are free to experience learning through play and discovery. Teachers make full use of their indoor, as well as outdoor education in a natural classroom, guiding the children in their social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, creative and emotional development in a healthy environment.

Against a backdrop of fauna and flora unique to Woodridge, the children learn to nurture their surroundings, all living things and each other. This exciting natural backdrop becomes a canvas for sporting activities, art, drama and self-discovery through play. Our passionate and dedicated staff work together as a team creating special memories for our children to value and treasure for years to come.

We pride ourselves on fostering open and cooperative relationship between parents and staff. To this end, we make use of the award-winning Engage School Management Information System. In order for communication to reach parents timeously through the Engage Parent Portal, it is critically important for the school to have your correct contact details.

Amongst other things, our children learn to:

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