Adventurous experiences outdoors kindle the enthusiasm of the young to develop their concern for others, their community & the environment. Such occasions provide the means of self-discovery, self-expression & enjoyment, which are at once both stimulating and fulfilling.

“It thus emerges that, for young people and adults alike, outdoor adventure is perceived as a vehicle for building values and ideals, for developing creativity and enterprise, for enhancing a sense of citizenship, and for widening physical and spiritual horizons.” - Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine, KC, CBE, DSO.

As a co-educational private school, our outdoor activities are a unique component of our educational philosophy. Various mental and physical challenges allow our pupils to broaden their experience and promote resourcefulness, teamwork and leadership through experiential learning. At Woodridge College, we strive to maintain and expand upon this excellent programme of Outdoor Education (OE) and adventure sport offered at Woodridge Preparatory School.

The outdoor education programme exposes pupils to various activities. Nurturing and appreciating nature helps them overcome personal fears, and develop self-discipline, responsibility and leadership qualities in a healthy environment.

During their time at Woodridge College, pupils will gain experience in most of the following:

  • Survival skills
  • Orienteering and pacing
  • Cooking
  • Initiative tests
  • Rock and wall climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Archery
  • Navigating a challenging course
  • Canoeing
  • Pacing
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Adventure racing
  • Trail running

As with all life lessons, much will depend on attitude. With so many activities on offer, the onus lies on the individual to volunteer and become involved. As the College academic, sports and cultural programmes are full and demanding, many OE activities are offered voluntarily to allow pupils to choose those which suit their interests, ability and time constraints.


outdoor education facilities

  • Nature Reserve (Popular fishing spot)
  • Archery Range
  • Hiking, Trail Running and Mountain Biking Trails (and a bike shed to lock up bicycles safely)
  • Outdoor Classrooms set in nature
  • Canoes and Trailers for paddling sessions
  • Equestrian Centre
  • School Rocks – an actual abseiling rock formation based on campus down the valley
  • Challenge Course based at the college
  • 8km Trail Network is used extensively for hiking, mountain biking and trail running.
  • Several Natural Pools in the Van Stadens River gorge for swimming and kloofing
  • Climbing Wall and Challenge Course
  • School Rocks Climbing Crag (rock climbing and abseiling venue)
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Outdoor Classrooms and many natural outdoor learning venues


Grade 10’s – WHY CROSS THE THRESHOLD and be a Wayfarer on ‘THE WAY’ 21-day journey of self-discovery?

The town of Willowmore is the starting point of this journey of self-discovery for all Grade 10 pupils. This outdoor adventure is guaranteed to further your child’s
education in a unique, exciting, and engaging way. They will travel 360km on foot, in canoes, and on bicycles from the small Karoo town of Willowmore and finish at the school bell 21 days later.

Much of the journey will be at a pace where everyone will be encouraged to appreciate the beauty they pass through. Mentors will be prompting students to
look further than just the person in front of them and, at the same time, encouraging them to look at some of the tiny marvels in nature. This is their opportunity in the great outdoors to overcome difficulties, reflect deeply, and consider what they’d like to make of their lives. Every effort is being made to plan carefully with particular attention given to safety, the selection of the adults who will accompany each group and the makeup of the groups themselves.

There is no way that we could ever undertake a project of such magnitude without the assistance of key role players such as our students, the staff, vehicle sponsors, East Cape Parks, Gamtoos Irrigation Board, farmers, community members, and you, the parents. This outstanding natural environment will be experienced with their peers through community living, and the students will be guided to reflect and journal their thoughts along the way, where they’re sure to discover more than just who they are. THE WAY gives our students the best possible opportunities to grow.

This unique 21 DAY rite of passage is explicitly designed for 16-year-olds to grow through MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. It removes them from technology and connects them with the outdoors, themselves, and their peers. Not only do they develop outdoor and academic skills, but their social development is also accelerated through a focus on traditional virtues and a values-based programme of honesty, respect, compassion, and understanding. The goal is to give young men and women confidence, build their resilience and develop their independence. This assists them with a valuable head start into their senior school years and life beyond school.

Staff that accompany each group are selected based on their ability to work closely with students, enabling them to achieve their goals in safe and cheerful surroundings, while challenging and assisting them in extending their limits. The groups are supported by an experienced Paramedic, while Parks Board Rangers escort them through the wilderness area of the Baviaanskloof. The first seven days are used to teach the students to clean, cook, pitch a tent, wash, navigate, survive, and other basics required in outdoor activities. The second seven days are spent
working alongside the boys and girls, supervising them and allowing them to make mistakes, and providing suggestions for moving forward in a safe environment. To encourage independence and leadership – the final seven days are spent taking a step back and allowing the boys and girls to lead and show their independence. Mentors will be there to provide guidance, but only if necessary.

Above all else, this journey has proved to be a school career highlight for so many as it provides an experience that is so much more enriching than a traditional school day could ever be.