“Direct contact with nature has immediate benefits for children's physical, mental and emotional health. Free play opportunities in natural settings offer possibilities for restoration, and hence, well-being." - Stuart Lester and Martin Maudsley.  

We have adopted the experiential learning approach, where children partake in various ways in conservation. All the pupils from Grade 1-7 are taught outdoor adventure skills, including climbing, archery, camp cooking, orienteering, camp craft, cycling proficiency and bike maintenance through our outdoor education programmes. We offer skills and stamina development in canoeing, mountain biking, archery and trail running activities. These are often included in the camping expeditions that senior grades undertake and the extramural programme. The camping programme comprises a gradual progression from Grade 1-7. When circumstances allow, all pupils participate in at least 2 annual camps, some on campus, while others are held elsewhere.


  • Nature Reserve (Popular fishing spot)
  • Archery Range
  • Hiking, Trail Running and Mountain Biking Trails (and a bike shed to lock up bicycles safely)
  • Outdoor Classrooms set in nature
  • Canoes and Trailers for paddling sessions
  • School Rocks – an actual abseiling rock formation based on campus down the valley
  • Several Natural Pools in the Van Stadens River gorge for swimming and kloofing
  • Climbing Wall and Challenge Course
  • Vegetable garden

outdoor education offered

Apart from what has already been mentioned, from Grade 5 our pupils are taught valuable water sports skills with regular canoeing sessions, while in Grade 6 and 7 they get to participate in what we call adventure races that involve teamwork, planning, organisation, running, hiking, cycling, canoeing skills (and a love for camping) over several days. There are also survival camps arranged for our Grade 7’s to teach them determination and other essential life skills. These skills stand them in good stead during the College years, especially in Grade 10 when they go on the 21-day Journey from Willowmore to Woodridge.”