College Newsletter - Term 3

Dec 04, 2023 / Hajira Dladla / College / Newsletters

Dear Parents

As we approach the conclusion of the academic year at Woodridge, we reflect upon the myriad positive aspects that have defined our school experience and express gratitude to all those who have contributed to its success. The outstanding 2022 matric results set a high standard, and we are optimistic that the current group will achieve equally impressive marks.

Throughout the year, our pupils actively participated in various academic competitions, including maths Olympiads, debating, and accounting challenges. Both pupils and staff engaged in Round Square conferences, both domestically and internationally. The interhouse gala, athletics meeting, Van Stadens River Race, captivating school drama production, "Ghost," and remarkable sporting achievements across all age groups and codes marked successful events. Once again, many of our players were selected to represent their province and country. These accomplishments, however, do not materialise on their own; they are the result of significant effort and time invested by both players and coaches in preparation for competitions. Congratulations to all who have worked diligently to achieve their set goals.

Let us also not forget our support staff who work tirelessly to provide the high-class facilities that we enjoy week in and week out. The captivating photographs included in this final newsletter serve....

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