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Woodridge Prep School

            From the Headmaster's Desk...

             The first semester reports for grade 1 to 7 will be emailed on Wednesday afternoon.
              Reporting time gives us a chance to reflect on what and how we are assessing and
             reporting on a pupil’s progress. Focusing on a result, grade or specific symbol
             places unnecessary pressure on a young pupil.  Primary school children are not
             emotionally mature enough to fully understand results and they can demotivate
          Circular 8 of 2019
             them.  This does change as they move to high school where they are mature enough
             to understand the importance of marks and symbols.

             Yes, I agree that life is tough and there is the old saying that only the fittest
             survive, this makes it even more important that children learn persistence,
             commitment, to never give up and how to give of their best at all times.  These are
             the attitudes that as a Preparatory school, we are wanting to develop in our pupils.

             In Japan they say that the primary school is not the place to judge a child’s
             knowledge or learning but rather to establish and develop their character.  It is the
             development of soft skills that are important.  The skills to work together with
             others, to manage and control emotions, to adapt, to problem solve.  These are the
             skills that are going to indicate whether a child is going to succeed in the future,
             not higher grades or symbols.

             Woodridge is moving over to a new administrative system and we felt that this
             would be an ideal opportunity to improve our existing reports.  We are wanting to
             produce a report that is a Prep specific one, that gives a holistic view of how a pupil
             is progressing.  This first report has been created on a Word document while we
             develop these reports.

                   "A real childhood is a childhood full of climbing trees,

                 learning to negotiate group rules, solving problems with
                 other kids: This is what will give your kid the soft skills

                              needed to succeed in life." - Anonymous

                             "more than a school an experience"
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