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Woodridge Wellness

Echoing the school’s ethos of Body, Mind and Spirit, and considering the Covid-19 Pandemic, Woodridge has launched a cutting-edge employee wellness and conditioning programme. This tailor-made and professionally managed programme will be implemented in partnership with ICAS, a leading provider within the employee wellness landscape. The aim is to empower employees and their immediate dependents to take control of their wellbeing, both at home and at work, facilitating higher levels of productivity, among other benefits.

The services available will include 24/7 telephonic counselling with a professional in various fields, legal and financial advice, health and medical as well as Covid-19 related support. The service includes the provision of regular communication with staff via webinars and newsletters covering a wealth of health and wellness-related subjects. Staff will also gain access to the ICAS App, which enables support via an e-counselling service.

Besides its other bouquet of services, it will offer an advice service to House Parents in pupil management. This will be of immense value to the School’s complement of over 200 boarders as they learn to co-exist with their peers.

A pupil counselling service will be an added functionality brought in later in year. 

Wade Inglis, a Masters Human Movement Science graduate and Woodridge College Biokineticist, will mastermind and manage the physical wellness side of the programme. This will include frequent health checks for common chronic illnesses, tailored exercise programmes and other supportive measures aimed at improving the overall health of our Woodridge staff. The school Chaplain, Wesley Henrico, will oversee to the spiritual component of the programme. Ultimately the aim is to enable pupils to take ownership of their wellbeing and achieve a healthy school-life balance.

The programme will also have pupils undergoing health testing to determine their individual muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness levels, while sports specific testing will be done at respective team practices and serve as a guide when developing the Schools’ sportsmen and women.

In a joint statement, the respective headmasters, Derek Bradley, College, and Trevor von Berg, Preparatory School, said, “We are confident that an investment in our biggest asset, our staff, will translate not only into boosting our employee productivity and overall wellbeing, but enable us to retain and attract talented teachers, which inherently benefits pupils too. We are very optimistic about the potential positive outcomes of this programme”.