Woodrige College View

Woodridge Eco-Estate

Situated on a magnificent 365-acre multi-adventure eco-estate between Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay, Woodridge College & Preparatory School is one of the Eastern Cape’s leading multi-denominational, co-educational, Christian institutions, offering both day schooling and boarding. Founded in 1936, the school has a rich heritage, steeped in tradition and characterised by growth. The Preparatory School celebrated 75 years in 2011, whereas the College turned 50 years in 2016.

Over the years, both the College and Preparatory School have shown an increase in enrolments, with numbers reaching just over 700 between the two schools, from Grade 000 to Grade 12. With the aim of developing pupils holistically, in body, mind and spirit, in order to enable them to reach their full potential in life, Woodridge offers and challenges pupils to experience the broadest possible range of academic, cultural, spiritual, social, outdoor and sporting interactions. The staff complement is therefore comprised of multi-skilled individuals who are as competent in the classroom as they are on the sports field and in the outdoors.

Although Woodridge follows the same syllabus as government schools, there is independence in the examination process,
governance and finance, which sets it apart from state schools. At Woodridge, the ultimate authority is the Woodridge Trust, while operational functions of the schools are vested in the College Headmaster, Prep Headmaster and Business Manager. The headmasters of the respective schools are directly responsible to the Executive Committee of Trustees.

At Woodridge, we believe that pupils have the right to learn; staff have the right to teach, and parents have the right to service. Having rebuilt a large contingent of the campus recently, following the fire in June 2017, the facilities in the classrooms are modern, while class sizes generally do not exceed 20. With the offer of both boarding and day schooling, transport is provided via bus to and from school (subject to availability) at a number of designated points within Port Elizabeth and surrounds for staff and pupils.

If you believe that you can add value to our offering at Woodridge, we would be delighted to hear from you.