Our Roadmap to Inclusivity

Transformation & Diversity

Just over 3 years ago, the Trustees and School Leadership resolved to embark on a transformation journey. As a microcosm of a bigger society, Woodridge has not been immune to the recent pressures placed on those in school leadership positions to show meaningful transformation and diversity as a result of various international events, trends and social movements. In response, the school issued a statement on the 17th of Juneto reiterate it's position on the matter and continued commitment to the concern.

By definition, transformation refers to the continual renewal of an organisation in response to the changing environment, whereas diversity refers to the inherent differences between people. In response to the outcry for progress on the matter, we have adopted a proactive approach to the issue, in order to improve our standing as a leader in holistic education, while building a legacy where there are openness, honesty and compassion and genuine concern for the well-being of both staff and pupils.

The following were among the priorities identified at the start of this journey:

All the above have helped lay a solid foundation for the leadership to take the broad transformation agenda which includes all forms of discrimination to the next level. 

The following provides an update on progress made so far:

Statement of 4 August

Should you want to get in touch with us on the matter, please feel free to contact us via email on transformation@woodridge.co.za