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Scholar Facilities

Academic Facilities

Woodridge offers its Pre-primary, Preparatory and College pupils’ access to academic facilities that are specifically designed to provide a healthy environment to foster cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Our classrooms are designed to encourage children to become actively involved in the learning experience, however, teaching and learning are not limited to the classroom. Our outdoor facilities are also used to provide the learners with an experiential learning experience.

Preparatory and College pupils both have their own dedicated halls for receiving lessons, while College pupils also make us of a Lecture Theatre for more holistic lessons.

Among our many academic facilities are our Preparatory and College libraries, both stocked with an array of both fiction and non-fiction reference materials to be used and enjoyed by the learners and staff.

There are three Computer Laboratories, one at the Preparatory School and two at the College. Finally, both schools also have a well-established Music Department where pupils actively work with the staff to learn new musical skills.

Boarding Residences

Woodridge offers boarding on campus for more than 200 Preparatory and College pupils. These residences form an integral part of the Woodridge experience and there is a high demand for places in boarding from across the Eastern Cape, South Africa and beyond our borders.

There are three boarding residences at the Preparatory school – two separate residences for boys and girls from Grade 4 to 7 and one co-ed residence for pupils between Grade 1 and 3.

At the College there are four residences. Girls occupy the Founders and Carter residences, while the boys have Kohler and Starck. We offer a ‘home away from home’ experience, which is the reason for boarding being so popular. Pupils have the freedom to return home over the weekends and accompany their parents on outings during the week. There are activities beyond academic work provided over weekends for those who remain on campus. Such outings may include trips to the beach, shopping centres, games parks or movies.

Each residence maintains its own ethos and features but the House Parents and duty staff apply the same basic rules and regulations across all residences. The staff are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for pupils to be able to flourish intellectually, morally, spiritually, and socially.

Sport and Outdoor Facilities

Woodridge encourages physical activity as much as possible, which is why Outdoor Education is a vital part of the Woodridge curriculum. Sport not only promotes physical development and coordination, but also helps to build character and nurture self-confidence in a healthy environment.

It is compulsory to participate in a sport. Each term there are a number of different sporting options to choose from and participate in. Each pupil is expected to choose at least one summer and one winter sport.

Sport facilitates the development of self-control, co-operation, commitment, teamwork, and initiative, which is why Woodridge holds sport at such high regard. To date, Woodridge sports teams have performed well and a number of pupils have even been chosen to compete at a national and provincial level.

Our range of sport facilities includes:

Adventure & Outdoor Education Facilities:

Equestrian Centre

The Woodridge Equestrian Centre (WEC) offers a wide variety of schooled horses and ponies, which are used for the riders lessons, in most English disciplines as well as Western Mounted Games and Mounted Archery. A total of 8 different disciplines are taught. The WEC also boasts a Mounted Archery Track, available to all riders to exercise and have lessons on. 

Lessons are offered as follows: