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Preparatory News - Circular 5 of 2020

When the 1st term ended so abruptly in the middle of March, little did we know what lay ahead of us. Zoom, OneNote and Microsoft Teams was new territory as was planning and delivering of online lessons. In true Woodridgean style, we have powered through 132 days of lockdown, a 17-week long term and a successful combination of in-class and online learning. It has been an eventful term unlike any other and one where many lessons were learnt by both staff and pupils. 

When we embarked on our online lesson-planning, the advice was to start simple, while providing clear instructions. As staff became accustomed to these online platforms, they were able to deliver lessons that were indeed interesting and engaging. Once we received the go-ahead, we had a gradual process of reopening the school, which enabled us to iron out any issues, particularly OHS protocol, and therefore ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

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