Disciplines of Art and Music

Arts & Culture

Headmaster of Prep walks the plank on pirate day

Girl playing a musical instrument

All pupils participate in several cultural activities during arts and culture lessons that form part of the academic day. These lessons cover the disciplines of Art and Music, with pupils being exposed to the basic principles of rhythm and note reading.



Speech and Drama are offered as a specialised optional extramural activity in the afternoons. Drama is valuable in developing good, clear communication skills and self-confidence which are essential tools in an increasingly media-driven world. The students learn to interact harmoniously with one another and work effectively as teams, promoting good social habits. These lessons allow children to express themselves creatively through movement and vocal work whilst exposing them to a broad range of literature, music, dance and art. These skills are further developed in the extramural programme as well as more focus on vocal production, acting, theatre, arts and story development. The self-confidence children develop through this activity is very empowering and participating in regular public performances, rewarding for students and parents alike.


Tuition options include Piano, Voice, Flute, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar, Drum Kit and Recorder. Music theory is either taught by the music teacher during practical lessons or in specialised music theory classes Students are encouraged to enter external music theory and practical examinations.

Informal school assessments are done mid-year. Formal assessments and reports are completed at the end of the academic year.

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