Learning through discovery

Pre-Primary Classes

Girl with hands full of paint

Learning about plants with the teacher.

Playing a memory game with the teacher.

Sorting of beads with the teacher.

Our Classes

Weavers, Grade 000 (3-4 years old)

It is very important to us that our little ones experience a positive learning environment for them to feel comfortable, safe and at home. Our Weavers class is guided by a loving and caring teacher who only wants the best for her little ones. They are exposed to a number of different activities, helping and guiding them through the many challenges that our youngest learners face.

Swallows, Grade 00 (4 – 5 years)

We realise that each child is unique, and so is their method of learning, which is why experiential learning is so important to us. Our daily schedule is filled with various activities such as theme discussions, creative art time, fine and gross motor activities, music rings, educational games and free play. Our environment encourages the development of each learner helping and guiding them along the way.

Robins, Grade R (5 – 6 years)

With Grade R comes great responsibility. It is during this year that we lay the foundation for years to come. Our focus is on reading, writing, mathematics and teaching the learners real-life skills they will need to become independent and confident little individuals in a healthy environment.


Aftercare takes place on Monday – Friday from 13:30 until to 16:30 and 15:00 on a Friday.

The pupils are fully supervised at ALL TIMES and enjoy free play during this time. All our little ones are escorted to the buses and helped on board by the aftercare facilitator. All children have a full lunch at the dining hall and are provided with a snack in the afternoon. Should you wish to make use of the aftercare facilities on a specific day, arrangements can be made with the class teacher.