The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky
Play is the highest
form of research
– Albert Einstein
Art is as natural
as sunshine
and as vital
as nourishment
Imaginative play can make for a happy childhood - Jerome Singer
Children must be taught how to think not what to think – Margaret Mead
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Within this beautiful environment, our children are free to experience learning through play and discovery. Teachers make full use of their indoor, as well as outdoor, natural classroom, guiding the children in their social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, creative and emotional development.

Learning through discovery

Enjoying nature’s classroom

Against a backdrop of fauna and flora unique to Woodridge, the children learn to nurture their surroundings, all living things and each other. This exciting natural backdrop becomes a canvas for sporting activities, art, drama and self-discovery through play. Our passionate and dedicated staff work together as a team creating special memories for our children to value and treasure for years to come.

At Woodridge, we value an open and cooperative relationship between parents and staff. It is therefore important to ensure that the school has your correct contact details. In an attempt to streamline our communication we will be moving over from the D6 School Communicator to the Engage Parent Portal. More information about the Engage Parent Portal can be accessed here:  

The Engage Parent Portal will be rolled out grade by grade from the start of the first term in 2020. The school will communicate the process with parents, however we kindly request your patience in this regard. In the interim, all communication will be emailed to parents, with important documents and policies placed on the website under Term Dates & Documents

 Activities & Outings

  • Monkeynastix and Kindermusiek (included in the school fees)
  • Ballet, Judo, Experi Buddies, Sandula kids, Horse-riding, Swimming, Golf and Tennis (available as optional extra’s)

It is important to us to make their experience at Woodridge a positive one which is why we have numerous “fun days” and outings for little ones to enjoy.

New experiences

Fun outings

Other activities throughout the year:

  • Water fun day
  • Valentine’s day picnic
  • Van Stadens River Mouth outing
  • Holmeleigh farmyard outing
  • Winter warmer day and many more

Woodridge Equestrian Centre

The Woodridge Equestrian Centre offers a wide variety of schooled horses and ponies for the riders to train on. We have a full-size sand dressage/ show jumping arena on which our riders train on. Woodridge offers a limited amount of stabling for the student’s horses, with grass and shaded paddocks for the liveries.


The Woodridge Equestrian Centre offers the following lessons:

  • Morning lessons are offered for parents on Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • Lessons for Grade R, 00 and 000 are offered on Monday and Thursday mornings.
  • Preparatory School riders have lessons from 13:00 onwards every day of the week.
  • College students have lessons from 14:00 onwards every day of the week.
  • The centre is open from 08:00 until 16:30 during the week.


Safe play time

Fun with friends

Aftercare takes place on Monday – Friday from 13:30 until to 16:30 and 15:00 on a Friday.

The pupils are fully supervised at ALL TIMES and enjoy supervised free play. All our little ones are escorted to the buses and helped on board by the aftercare facilitator. All children have a full lunch at the College dining hall and are provided with a snack in the afternoon. Should you wish to make use of the aftercare facilities on a specific day, arrangements can be made with the class teacher.

 Our classes

Weavers, Grade 000 (3-4 years old)

It is very important to us that our little ones experience a positive learning environment for them to feel comfortable, safe and at home. Our Weavers class is guided by a loving and caring teacher who only wants the best for her little ones. They are exposed to a number of different activities, helping and guiding them through the many challenges that our youngest learners face.

Children may forget what you say...

but never how you make them feel

Inspiring creativity

Swallows, Grade 00 (4 – 5 years)

At Woodridge we realise that each child is unique and so is their method of learning. Our daily schedule is filled with various activities such as theme discussions, creative art time, fine and gross motor activities, music rings, educational games, free play etc. and our environment encourages the development of each learner helping and guiding them along the way.

It takes a big heart

to help shape little minds.

Fun learning experiences

Robins, Grade R (5 – 6 years)

With Grade R comes a great responsibility. It is during this year that we lay the foundation for years to come. Our focus is on reading and writing, mathematics and teaching the learners the necessary life skills they will need to become independent and confident little individuals.

Teachers who love teaching,

teach children to love learning

Confidence building

Pre-Primary Staff

Ilse Botes
Head of Pre-Primary
Grade R, Robins, 5-6 years

Cherin van Heerden
Grade R, Robins, 5-6 years

Jen Scheepers
Grade 000, Weavers, 3-4 years

Marcelle Radue
Grade 00, Swallows, 4-5 years

Candice Kruger
Aftercare Facilitator

Beanita Plaatjie 
Assistant Teacher

Monica Bevile

Vivi Ntiyonke

Monica Sizani

Margret Plaatjies

Nomsa Bene 

Contact us


College switchboard: 041 492 0005
Prep switchboard: 041 492 0006

  Other important numbers to note:

Debtors administration: 041 492 2446
Clothing shop: 041 492 2406
Travel arrangements: 041 492 2390
Sanatorium: 041 492 2407


Van Staden's Pass Heights

Latitude: -33.916796 | Longitude: 25.203623