More than a school… an experience!

Woodridge Outdoor Education

For some people the value of outdoor education programs are self-evident and they require no further justification or proof. OE is many different things to many people and most parents are mystified by the term OE, mainly because in their day there was no such thing. Too many educators use the term “OE” incorrectly or use the term to describe their yearly grade camp to a venue where children stay in dorms and are kept busy with a wonderful array of activities by enthusiastic and mostly, very well-trained venue staff, while the teachers, are often not involved at all.

Yes, the traditional “Camp” experience still holds enormous value for student learning. However, to “Cover” outdoor education once or twice a year is to trivialise the value of the outdoors as a viable and easily accessible learning environment. Outdoor learning experiences should be, and can, be offered more often than we realise.

The National curriculum in all its old and new versions makes clear reference to a more “Right under your nose” outlook on the teaching of Outdoor Education, although it may not always use the term OE.