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Preparatory News - Circular 2 of 2020

Last week I attended an IEB (Independent Examination Board) workshop for primary school headmasters. Although the IEB does not have a primary school curriculum, these meetings always provide useful information and discussion points. One of the topics was, “How to best prepare pupils for high school with a particular emphasis on English and Mathematics."

Primary schools were encouraged to focus on reading, more specifically reading for meaning. Vital reading skills that children must develop are; reading critically, predicting and reviewing text before reading, the ability to access prior knowledge (which increases comprehension), searching for relevant information and reflecting on learning after reading.

Children must develop a love for reading and at Woodridge, we want children to take ownership of their reading. Reading voluntarily will enable them to learn how to read with meaning. For children to enjoy reading they must read something that interests them or captures their imagination. They must-read books that are age-appropriate and meet their interest level. Stories where children can relate to characters that resemble themselves increase interest levels. Exposing children to different forms of writing - poetry, non-fiction, biographies and autobiographies can also help them find where their interest lies, as well as improving their ability to read with meaning.

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