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Preparatory News - Circular 1 of 2020

Although we are well into February, and the December holiday seems like a distant memory, I am going to share with you a possible learning opportunity that can happen during that time. What triggered this was an article in The Wall Street Journal – “The Secret benefit of retelling family stories,” by Sue Shellenbarger.

For South Africans, Christmas and New Years are generally family holiday time. It is a time when extended families get together to enjoy spending time together. It is an opportunity to share and retell family stories. Family stories are generally funny and entertaining. In every family, there is the mad or eccentric aunt or uncle, while the stories can get exaggerated over the years, making them even more amusing. Older generations seemed to have a real sense of adventure and these stories easily capture the imagination of children. Stories are often told about difficulties like poverty and harsh working conditions that generations of family members had overcome.

The determination and perseverance shown by older generations show children that life is not always easy, that mistakes will be made, while difficulties must be overcome. Parents reminiscing about their school days and previous holidays always arise interest. At first, children might seem bored of hearing these stories, sometimes they have heard them before, but the boredom does not last long.

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