• From the Headmaster's Desk

From the Headmaster's Desk

Dear Parents

As always, I thank parents who support the school in so many ways. We receive mails and phone calls from parents thanking and acknowledging the school for providing so much for their children. We appreciate this kind of support. It is important though that I share some of our concerns with all parents and provide the school’s perspective on various issues. There are times when as a school, we need to ‘place our flag in the sand’ as it were and state unambiguously what we stand for.

Demanding high standards
We do not apologise for demanding high standards from both our staff and our children. This begins with everyone working hard to achieve designated goals. In life, there is absolutely no substitute for hard work and this is arguably, one of the greatest of all virtues. We therefore do not prescribe to mediocrity and will always demand our pupils give of the best within the scope of their own abilities.

Bullying, victimisation et al
We do not accept any form of bullying...

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