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Academic Facilities

  • Pre-School, Prep and College classrooms
  • Prep and College Halls and College Lecture Theatre
  • Prep and College Libraries
  • Prep (1) and College (2) Computer laboratories
  • Prep and College Music Blocks

Boarding Residences

  • 4 x College Boarding Residences (2 boys and 2 girls)
  • 2 x Prep Boarding Residences (1 for boys and 1 for girls)

 Sport- & Outdoor Facilities

  • 1 x Artificial Surface Field (Astro Turf)
  • 8 x Tennis Courts
  • 2 x Squash Courts
  • 3 x Swimming Pools
  • 3 x Cricket Fields
  • 4 x Rugby Fields
  • 1 x Soccer field
  • 5 x Netball Courts
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Trail Running Routes
  • Archery Range
  • Climbing Wall, Ropes Course and Assault Course
  • School Rocks – Abseiling venue
  • Nature Reserve
  • Weights Room
  • Equestrian Centre
  • Horse riding eventing course

Coffee Shop

Open daily from 08h00 – 16h00

Open on Saturdays for sporting fixtures from 08h00 until after lunch.


041 492 2404

Clothing, Equipment- and Stationery Shop

The Woodridge Shop performs the following services to pupils, parents and local residents:
  • The sales of all school uniform and sports garments required by the school.
  • All stationery and art requirements, as well as basic camping items are available.
  • A range of civilian clothes adds flair and provides boarders and local residents with an opportunity to purchase fashion items on site.
  • The latest addition is a range of personal care items to meet the hygiene needs of boarders.
  • Second-hand clothing is available and inquiries can be made at the shop with Miss Lee Bailey.
  • The Lost Property Service is managed through the shop in conjunction with our security service. Please contact Miss Lee Bailey in this regard.

Card and cash payments are accepted, while a “pay-as-you-go” account can be arranged with the finance department.

New parents are required to contact Mrs Anne-Marie Botes or Miss Tercia Davids prior to the purchase of new uniform to arrange a suitable time.



[email protected] 
[email protected]


041 492 2406

Shop Hours during Term Time:

Monday to Thursday:  08h00 to 16h00

Friday:  08h00 to 15h00

Shop Hours relating to start of Term:


After Winter Mid-Term: Monday, 3 July 12h30 – 16h00

Start of Third Term: Monday, 4 September 12h30 – 16h00

During OE Day: Saturday, 7 October 08h30 – 11h30

Tuck Shops

College Tuck Shop

Open weekdays from 10h30 – 11h30 and then 14h30 – 15h30

Tuckshop is open during the week for any matches played on Knight field until 16h30

Open on weekends during sporting fixtures from 08h00 – 16h00 or until fixtures have ended.

Prep Tuck Shop – Woody’s Goodies

Monday and Wednesday 15h00 – 15h45

Friday 13h30 – 14h00


A well-equipped clinic manned by two qualified nursing sisters.

This is the School sickbay, situated opposite the Preparatory School offices.

Clinic Times

Because young people sometimes try to avoid classes by visiting the Sanatorium, we have a strict policy regarding consulting hours. Pupils may consult the sister on duty as follows:

Monday – Friday

OPEN:   07h00 – 19h00, from Monday – Friday with a sister on call for emergencies at night and on weekends.

07h00 – 08h00: With a permission slip signed by the daily duty staff member

08h00 – 14h00: With a permission slip signed by the relevant subject teacher.

Break time: With a permission slip signed by the Period 4 subject teacher.

14h00 – 15h00: With a permission slip signed by the daily duty staff member.

15h00 – 16h30: With a permission slip signed by your sports coach and receptionist.

16h30 – 07h00: With the permission of the House Parent.


OPEN:   08h00 – 09h00 and 17h00 – 18h00


OPEN:   09h00 – 10h00 and 16h00 – 17h00


Pupils admitted to the Sanatorium are not allowed visitors (this includes chatting to friends at the windows). When pupils are in the Sanatorium for a long time, visiting is at the sister’s discretion and is limited to non-infectious patients only.

Personal Medication

When visiting the Sanatorium, the nurses must be notified of ALL medication the pupil is using, as some drugs interact negatively with each other. All medicines are to be kept by the Sanatorium, or with the House Parent if the Sanatorium staff approve.

Electronic Policy

Pupils admitted to the SAN may not have any access to mobile phones/ computers/ ipods etc. from 08h00 – 16h00.


041 492 2407

Dining Hall

Dining Hall Meal Times:

Breakfast       07h15

Lunch             14h00

Supper           18h00

Meal options:

BREAKFAST: Healthy / Normal / Vegetarian / Tea / Coffee

LUNCH: Healthy / Normal / Vegetarian / Alternative or special meal for any student who has special dietary requirements as supported by a medical professional.

SUPPER: Healthy / Normal / Vegetarian (A balanced meal is provided) Tea / Coffee / Juice

Brown, white and seed loaves bread are available with every meal.

We only use 2% low fat milk

There are always fruit available for mealtimes or during the day.

Selection of spreads available.

General rules:

Pupils must be on time and remember their manners at all times.

Pupils must enter the dining hall in an orderly fashion and refrain from noisy or unruly behaviour.

Every pupil must scrape and stack their own crockery and cutlery used


Footwear must be worn but no studs/spikes.

No hats to be worn

No Earphones or cell phones allowed in the dining hall

Girls must be appropriately dressed.

Email us

Contact us


College switchboard: 041 492 0005
Prep switchboard: 041 492 0006

  Other important numbers to note:

Debtors administration: 041 492 2446
Clothing shop: 041 492 2406
Travel arrangements: 041 492 2390
Sanatorium: 041 492 2407


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