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The 477 m², 420-seater dining hall with its contemporary design, can easily be adapted to suit a 5-star hotel and transformed into a suitable venue for weddings and functions. With its beautiful sunrise views and an iconic arched window, mimicking the adjacent Van Stadens bridge, the facility boasts several unique features:

An average of 1780 meals are served per day from the facility, catering for a variety of special dietary requirements. Although this does not include kosher or halaal meals, the meals are prepared with lots of attention to detail and tailored to the preferences and ages of children by our highly qualified Functions Catering Manager, Qualified Chef, Catering Manager and the rest of the team.

When the weather cooperates, outdoor dining and breath-taking views of Lady Slipper on the wrap-around veranda are a firm favourite amongst many staff and students. The onsite Coffee Shop is equipped with a commercial Espresso Machine that will satisfy any caffeine craving, not to mention the extensive list of eats and treats available on order.

Note that our kitchen is NOT Halaal certified or kosher and does not conform to Kosher or Jewish regulations and can therefore not provide such meals.

Breakfast is served at 06:45 for Prep boarders and at 07:15 for College boarders. Lunch is served from 12:00 for Prep pupils and at 14:00 for College pupils. Supper is served at 17:30 for Prep boarders and at 17:45 for College boarders.

Meal options

Breakfast: Heart Smart / Normal / Vegetarian / Vegan/ Fruit / Section of hot and cold cereals / Tea & Coffee

Lunch: Heart Smart / Normal / Vegetarian / Vegan for any pupil with these special dietary requirements, as supported by a medical professional

Supper: Heart Smart / Normal / Vegetarian / Vegan (a balanced meal is provided) Tea / Coffee / Juice

Brown, white & seed loaves, and a selection of spreads, are available with every meal. We only use 2% low-fat milk. Fruit is available during mealtimes, as well as a selection of salads.

General rules