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At Woodridge College we value our pupils and thus place a high priority in supporting them in various ways. Student Affairs is divided into two integral sections, namely Pastoral Care and Leadership Development programmes. 

Pastoral Care 

Pastoral Care is at its most effective when it is fully integrated into the school’s daily curriculum, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. As such, it not only involves the Pastoral Care team, but all staff members in various ways.OurPastoral Care aims have clearly considered the importance of it for all students. These aims have been set with the school’s Mission statement in mind, which emphasises moral values like dignity, integrity, honesty, empathy, tenacity and appreciation for the environment. The aims are as follows:  

  1. To respond in an empathetic and understanding way to the concerns, fears and worries of all students;
  2. To encourage the students to value one another and to respect the views of other members of their community (dignity and mutual respect);
  3. To develop the student’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline;
  4. To give students the skill and abilities to overcome challenges they may face as part of growing up (tenacity);
  5. To provide opportunities for reflection and discussion, enabling students to develop a framework for responsible decision-making; and
  6. To prepare the students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  

In order to achieve the aims above, every staff member plays an active role in the development of each pupil. Through its unique character and opportunities offered to the pupils on campus, these aims are built into the academic, sports, cultural and outdoor education programmes of the school. In order to further improve the care provided by the staff, Woodridge also has a full-time Chaplain and makes use of a tutor system where each teacher takes charge of a small number of pupils. 

Leadership Development 

At Woodridge we aim to develop pupils to become leaders at the school and beyond. The school uses the Prefect system where a Head Boy and Girl are elected each year together with a Prefect team. Over and above the Prefect system, pupils could become leaders in the various hostels (dorm seniors) or fulfil certain roles to help with the effective running of the school. Committees include Outdoor Education, Interact and the School Ambassadors, while duties can also be assumed in the dining hall and on grade camps. 

Leadership development is an integral part of the school’s aim to give each pupil the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to be a leader. Self-discipline is the goal for each pupil. With the guidance of a code of conduct, we help pupils to maintain the appropriate behaviour. Added to this, a demerit system is in place to deal with negative behaviour and to ensure an environment conducive to optimal learning is adhered to. This is managed by the Director of Student Affairs, in conjunction with the Heads of Residences and the Grade Heads.  

Community Service (outreach initiatives) is also encouraged. This affords pupils the opportunity to give and serve their fellow man, through the Interact Committee. Various initiatives under the guidance of dedicated teachers and pupils ensure that our pupils also play their part in the upliftment of those around them.  

Woodridge is run on Christian principles and values. Aside from the regular Divinity classes from Grades 8 – 11, church services are conducted every Sunday and cell groups meet on a weekly basis.