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College Newsletter - February 2021

We welcomed the entire pupil body back onto campus three weeks ago following further disruptions and delays. We trust that our pupils and their families have had a restful break. We started the year with determination to make up for any lost time. This year will again be interesting and at times, challenging, as we continue to work through the COVID pandemic and all it may bring. We have the resilience and skills to manage as we did last year by working together as a community. On Monday 1 February, we conducted the annual induction of the prefects for the year. Congratulations to this group and we will support them in their endeavours in making a positive impact during their term of office. We congratulate the following pupils who have been awarded Honours for academics. Arne von Hagen, Rachel Botha, Olivia Cockcroft, Marichen Meiring and Sebastien von Hagen. Our staff have worked hard to provide online, classroom-based learning and activities outside the classroom for our pupils. Mr Teeton and his team have facilitated some exciting outdoor pursuits and Mr Gerber and the sporting staff have ensured that our summer sporting programme is as challenging and exciting as possible, considering the restrictions in place.
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