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College News - March 2020

We have experienced another busy term, which has been shortened by the decree made by our President. Once again, our sports teams in the various codes including water polo, cricket, hockey, rugby, tennis acquitted themselves well at interschool’s festivals, derby day events and tours. Results and photographs have been publicised on the various platforms including the last Newsletter.

There a few important issues with regard to the perceptions to what is expected of the pupils during this holiday. It is their first term break and therefore, there is no expectation that they should be doing schoolwork even though, this would be an option for those who have perhaps not performed as well as they would have hoped. The holiday could be used as a time of consolidation for them. It may, however, be appropriate, for our grade 11 and matric groups to spend some time during the break working, be this in the form of revision or working on tasks which need to be completed and specifically for the grade 12 group, their One Research Task. They have sufficient material to be able to arrive back at school ready for the start of the 2nd term.

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