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Woodridge College strives to provide pupils with a stimulating academic environment that enables achievement to the best of their ability. Our underlying values are discipline, accountability, commitment, honesty and mutual respect. We prioritise and protect academic time and provide regular and meaningful communication regarding the capabilities and performance of each pupil to enhance the quality of their learning.

Although our pupils are fully involved in all aspects of school life we strive to maximise the opportunities for experiential education in both teaching and learning. Assessment is regular and varied. Apart from weekly test lessons and two exam sessions per year, pupils write tests in class time, complete homework assignments, carry out research, complete scientific-practical investigations and presentations.

Three academic reports are sent out to parents electronically every year. Every subject teacher comments on the progress of the pupil.

We write the Independent Examinations Board (“IEB”) matric examinations. We value their excellent standards and the open feedback with examiners. Although we follow a similar syllabus as the government schools there is an independence in the examining process. The results are ratified by Umalusi, the same body that ratifies the state examination results. The IEB Matric results are recognized by many universities around the world. Most of our teachers are involved in the marking process at National or Regional level. 

In Grade 9, pupils have to make the difficult choice of which subjects to take in the FET phase of their schooling.  Discussions with pupils, a presentation to parents and personalized feedback from an educational psychologist all play a role in guiding an informed decision.

All pupils are offered English as a Home Language. Afrikaans and Xhosa are offered as First Additional Languages while foreign pupils are offered French as Second Additional Languages.

For a small school, we offer a large variety of subjects for Grades 10 – 12. The subjects in the junior Grades are generally split into specific disciplines with subject specialists offering our children a real insight into the subject. Drama was introduced in 2016 to compliment the input of the Music and Visual Arts departments.

Mathematics remains an area of focus with more teaching time given to these classes and allowing pupils access to AP Maths.  All subjects provide extra assistance through afternoon clinics.  Subjects teachers remain available in the classrooms to assist individuals or groups of pupils to master the content. 

2019 Matric Results

Woodridge once again achieved a 100% matric pass rate for the 2019 matric examinations. 

Of the 71 pupils who wrote the examinations, 70 (99%) received a Degree Pass (BD). This statistic and the results in general were in line with expectations and our internal examinations. The top performer for 2019 was Bianca Gascoyne who achieved eight distinctions, which includes one for Advanced Programme (AP) Mathematics. Her stand out achievement is 97% for Mathematics. Rounding out the top four results are Dylan Vorster with 6 distinctions, also including one for AP Mathematics, Jordan Boswell with 5 distinctions and Tarryn Webber with 5 distinctions, one of which is for AP English. Six other candidates achieved 3 distinctions.