Medical Emergencies & Balanced Meals

Clinic & Dining Facilities

Dining Hall - Dining Hall Menu

Note that our kitchen is not Halaal certified or kosher (does not conform to Kosher/Jewish regulations) and can therefore not provide such meals

Breakfast is served at 06:45 for Prep boarders and at 07:15 for College boarders. Lunch is served from 12:00 for Prep pupils and at 14:00 for College pupils. Supper is served at 17:30 for Prep boarders and at 17:45 for College boarders.

Meal Options 

BREAKFAST: Heartsmart / Normal / Vegetarian / Vegan/ Fruit / Section of hot and cold cereals / Tea & Coffee

LUNCH: Heartsmart / Normal / Vegetarian / Vegan for any pupil with these special dietary requirements, as supported by a medical professional

SUPPER: Heartsmart / Normal / Vegetarian / Vegan (a balanced meal is provided) Tea / Coffee / Juice

Brown, white and seed loaves are available with every meal. We only use 2% low fat milk. There are always fruit available for mealtimes or during the day. A selection of salads are also available at lunch and supper. Selection of spreads available.

General Rules

Pupils must be on time and remember their manners at all times. Pupils must enter the dining hall in an orderly fashion and refrain from noisy or unruly behaviour. Every pupil must scrape and stack their own crockery and cutlery used.


Footwear must be worn but no studs/spikes. No hats to be worn. No Earphones or cell phones allowed in the dining hall. Pupils must be appropriately dressed at all times.


The Woodridge Sanatorium is a well-equipped clinic manned by two experienced and qualified nursing sisters. It is situated opposite the Preparatory School offices.

Clinic Times

Because young people sometimes try to avoid classes by visiting the Sanatorium, we have a strict policy regarding consulting hours. Pupils may consult the sister on duty as follows:

Monday – Friday




Pupils admitted to the Sanatorium are not allowed visitors (this includes chatting to friends at the windows). When pupils are in the Sanatorium for a long time, visiting is at the sister’s discretion and is limited to non-infectious patients only.

Personal Medication

When visiting the Sanatorium, the nurses must be notified of ALL medication the pupil is using, as some drugs interact negatively with each other. All medicines are to be kept by the Sanatorium, or with the House Parent if the Sanatorium staff approve.

Electronic Policy

Pupils admitted to the SAN may not have any access to mobile phones/ computers/ ipods etc. from 08:00 – 16:00.

Phone:041 492 2407