More than a school… an experience!

Exchange Student Program

The purpose of the Exchange Programme is to provide Woodridge pupils with an opportunity to experience other cultures and lifestyles, adapt to new situations, develop self-esteem and friendships and challenge established ways of thinking.

This exciting opportunity is available to Grade 10 Woodridge pupils who are put through a strenuous selection process prior to selection for an exchange. Ideal candidates are those with a strong academic background and are fully immersed in the Woodridge extra-mural programme. Accommodation on exchange is provided by a host family and is approximately two months.

No fees are exchanged between the schools, and our pupils remain Woodridge pupils. They wear the Woodridge uniform and all the tuition costs at the host school are covered. Parents of the exchange pupils are responsible for the travel costs, spending money, unexpected needs and special events that the student may be involved in while at the host school. Exchange pupils will attend classes at the host school, participate in the extra-mural program and have time to keep up with the Woodridge academic syllabus.