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Dining Hall Catering

Dining Hall Meal Times:

  • Breakfast       07h15
  • Lunch             14h00
  • Supper           18h00

Meal options:

  • BREAKFAST: Healthy  / Normal / Vegetarian
  • LUNCH: Healthy / Normal / Vegetarian or special meal for any student who has special dietery requirements as supported by a medical professional.
  • SUPPER: Healthy / Normal / Vegeterian (Meals served with a protein, starch, 2 vegetables and always salad)
  • Brown, white and seed loaves bread are available with every meal.
  • We only use 2% low fat milk
  • There are always fruit available for mealtimes or during the day.
  • Both margarine and butter is available
  • Selection of spreads available.
  • Tea/coffee and juice available.

General rules:

  • Pupils must be on time and remember their manners at all times.
  • Pupils must enter the dining hall in an orderly fashion and refrain from noisy or unruly behaviour.
  • Every pupil must stack his/her own tray on the trolleys provided.


  • Footwear must be worn but no studs/spikes.
  • Girls must be appropriately dressed.