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Day Scholar Buses

Daily Buses are provided to transport day-pupils to and from Woodridge

These pupils are collected and dropped off again in areas where they are seen by the general public and it is therefore important that they present a good image for the School. It is imperative that all pupils using the buses co-operate with the staff and/or bus monitors and adhere to the following basic rules:

It is imperative that all pupils using the buses co-operate with the bus monitors and adhere to the following basic rules:
  • Dress Code: Day pupils must be dressed as per the School dress code when arriving at the bus stop in the mornings. If they have had sport in the afternoon, they must either change back into their school uniform, or wear a Woodridge tracksuit with their sports clothes and sport shoes. During the winter season their school uniform or full Woodridge tracksuit must be worn. Pupils will not be allowed onto the buses if they are not properly dressed. They may remove their tracksuit tops with the permission of the bus monitor once they are on the bus but should be correctly dressed when getting off the bus at the end of the journey.
  • Seating: Pupils must remain seated with seatbelt fastened for the entire duration of the trip as any movement could distract the driver and result in an accident. Should the bus driver need to brake suddenly and pupils are not seated and seat-belted, a serious injury could be incurred.
  • Seating plan: For safety reasons and to instill a sense of responsibility amongst the Preparatory School pupils, they are given a specific seat on the bus. Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase pupils may not sit in the first row.
  • Eating and drinking on the bus: The drivers take pride in the clean state of their buses and this is something to be respected. It is therefore important that pupils do not drink or eat on the bus. Litter of any kind is unacceptable.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism of any kind on the buses will not be tolerated and will be viewed as a serious offence.
  • Noise: Excessive noise could distract drivers and result in an accident. Pupils are allowed to talk on the bus, but must not raise their voices above an acceptable level.
  • Boarding of buses in the afternoon: Pupils are not allowed to board the buses before 16h30.
  • Pupils staying in: When pupils need to stay at Woodridge College and not make use of the bus, they must obtain the necessary authorisations from College Reception.
  • Bus monitors have been appointed by the school. Their responsibility is to maintain discipline. Failure to co-operate with the monitors will lead to punishment. Repeated breaches of discipline will lead to suspension from using the buses.
  • Transport Arrangements (Preparatory School): Any change to our child’s normal transport arrangements, must be communicated clearly to them. These arrangements must be confirmed by writing them in your child’s diary for the class teacher. This way the teacher can remind them if need be.

The secretaries have been instructed not to accept any messages for transport changes. Only in the case of an emergency may you contact the office for a message to be sent to your child.

Your child’s peace of mind is at stake as last minute changes unsettle children, particularly the little ones. The safety of our children should be a priority for all parents and we would appreciate your co-operation in this regard.

NB :   Staff on buses must ensure that all pupils have been collected by parents.

No pupils are to be left alone at the bus stop.

Code of Conduct for School Transport

  1. Preparatory School seat allocations to be adhered to.
  2. Luggage to be stored in the luggage compartment – a book or a file may be taken on board.
    1. No sports equipment skateboards etc.
  3. No pupils are allowed to:
    1. Disrespect the bus monitor
    2. Walk or stand while the bus is moving
    3. Shout, fight, eat or drink on the bus
    4. Shout to other buses or people in the street
    5. Vandalise the bus
    6. Transport a bicycle on the bus

Disciplinary Action Guidelines

1st Complaint – Warning

2nd Complaint – Report to Deputy Headmaster (Preparatory School) and Head of Day Scholars (College)

3rd Complaint – Friday detention

In the case of a complaint of a serious nature (e.g. vandalism, total disregard for the monitor, repeated warnings of the same offence) they are to be reported immediately to either Reception, or the Deputy Head, on arrival at School, and action will be taken.