More than a school… an experience!

Woodridge Mission

As a Christian School, Woodridge adopts a holistic approach to education and aims to develop the body, mind and spirit to enable each pupil to reach his or her potential.

To achieve this, Woodridge offers and challenges pupils to experience the broadest possible range of academic, cultural, spiritual, social, outdoor and sporting interactions by exploiting the following attributes:


  • Individual attention
  • healthy, natural interaction with the environment
  • Nurturing of leadership and self-discipline
  • Encouraging free thinking and independent individuals
  • Service to the community

Basic Rights of the ‘Family’:

  • Pupils have the right to learn
  • Staff have the right to teach
  • Parents have the right to service

In order to uphold these rights, the following moral values are encouraged:

  • Mutual respect and dignity
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Empathy and interaction
  • Tenacity and teamwork
  • Appreciation and care for the environment