About the OWA

The Old Woodridgean Association (OWA) has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1958 – when it had just 56 members, paying 5 shillings in annual membership fees. We now have approximately 4000 highly committed members who are passionate about continuing the journey started by the schools’ founder, Mr Leslie Carter, all those years ago.

Today’s OWA provides a platform for you to reconnect with your former classmates and remain connected to Woodridge life, while helping to improve and maintain the school for future generations.

As an adjunct to the above, the OWA also promotes a culture of continuous improvement through its busy annual events calendar; an unremitting schedule of school maintenance and enhancement projects, and a strong commitment to fundraising and promotional activities aimed at growing student numbers.


Mr Grant Puttergill (1996)
Mr Cameron Harvey (2002)
Mrs Natasha Reid
Secretary & Treasurer
Mr Godfrey Carter (1970)
President (Ex-Officio Member)
Mr Rob Smith (1974)
(Ex-Officio Member)

Mrs Caren Bestbier (1987)

Mr Jason Kúmm (2005)

Mr Ray Holmes (1976)

Get in touch

Click through to Keeping In Touch to find out more about how to join the OWA. Alternatively, please email Natasha at

Every October the OWA hosts an induction dinner for the matriculants. All matriculants are automatically added as members of the OWA. The Committee requests that they are kept up to date with changes in contact details.

Find them on Facebook @OldWoodridgeans and on Instragram @oldwoodridgeanassociation

History of the Old Woodridgean Association

In 1958 several Woodridge Prep alumni held an inaugural general meeting to form the Woodridge Old Boys Association (WOBA) after attempting to contact the 300 or so past pupils. Their main objectives were to organise reunions and sports meetings, have old-boy representation on the Board of Trustees, assist pupils in need where necessary, and for old boys to maintain friendships formed at the Prep.

A constitution was drawn up, revised, accepted, and circulated to all old boys by the “ad hoc” committee. At the first AGM in February 1959 (attended by 27 members), Mr LJA Carter was elected as Honorary President. All of the 56 paid-up members were encouraged to recruit as many past pupils as possible so that the school could grow and flourish. Mr Carter expressed the hope that in time there would be a Woodridge Prep and a Woodridge College and that they would be completely run by old boys. He concluded by saying; “either it (the school) must go forward or it must slide backwards. We must think big or we will die small.”

The committee organised a cricket match between the old boys and the school team and the old boys were given a drubbing! They had a "Braai and Bop Session" after the game and the old boys showed the schoolboys a thing or two on the dance floor.  There was also a reunion dinner at the Griffin Hotel in PE during the year. The WOBA was now well established however, according to the minutes of the AGM, it was only supported by 25% of the alumni.

By 1963 the editor noted in the school magazine that; “For the past few years the Woodridge Old Boys Association has been, to all intents and purposes, non- existent.” and appealed to all old boys to support them. This appeal worked and the association reformed under a name change. They became the Old Woodridgeans Association (OWA), which worked well especially once the school began accepting female students.

The OWA, under the chairmanship of Ronnie Paxton, was re-inaugurated in June 1970. By now the College had been founded, allowing students to complete all their schooling at Woodridge. This engendered more loyalty among the alumni and that, along with more modern means of communication, facilitated good contact growth for the OWA.

To date, the OWA’s major fundraising initiative has been the 500 Club, with lucky draws 3 times a year. They aim to sell 500 tickets each time but don't always reach this target. They need your help to do this!